Customer Services
Although our primary focus is on native and adapted plant propagation and
production, we do offer a variety of  services so that our customers may better  
integrate other plant related elements and considerations into their projects.  We
also have working relationships with many  Montana based professionals  
providing a full range of  design, installation, and affiliated services.

  • Plant Material - we carry a wide variety of native and adapted plants for SW
    Montana and related environments. Sizes range from 1 gal. - 4" B & B. Our  
    Availability  list reflects the species of greatest demand but is continually
    changing and expanding.  We grow smaller conetainer sizes (4, 10, & 40
    cu. in.) by contract only, and offer volume discounts (contact us for terms).

  • Planting Services-Call for quotes!

  • Delivery- we will deliver our plant material to your job site or holding yard.  
    We require 24 hour notice for delivery please!

  • Contract Growing- we provide contract growing for native and ornamental
    grasses, shrubs, sage and perennials.  Please feel free to FAX or e-mail
    your bid and we will promptly respond with a quote.  Contract growing
    requires a 40% deposit to initiate the planting.  We will consider most
    species-ornamental or native, just ask us!

  • Ordering- the easiest way to order is by e-mail, our website or cell phone.   
    We will pull your order for pick up at our nursery or we will hold your order
    with an established delivery/pick up date.  Orders cancelled or held 30
    days past the established pick up or delivery schedule will be charged a
    15% maintanence/restocking fee.  Orders held over the season and
    postponed until the following season must be paid in full and there will be
    a winterizing fee added onto those plants which have to be bunked in.

  • Consultation Services-  we can provide expertise for site evaluation, plant
    community assessment, conservation planning of upland and riparian
    habitat, wildlife habitat enhancement, wind breaks & shelter belts, weed
    management, and re-vegetation of disturbed lands.

  • Design, Installation,& Related Services- we have working affiliations with
    local  professionals in landscape design and architecture, installation,
    weed control, soil and compost, controlled burns, riparian construction and
    engineering, and related fields.